We all love poop.

Being a children’s nurse, poop is a big part of your life. Poop. Wee. Vomit. Blood. They’re all a part of a nurse’s life, but poop. That’s got to be a children’s nurse’s favourite.

For some reason, whenever you get a handful of children’s nurses together, in the same room, the conversation will somehow, end up at poop. It’s a magnet.

Today, I had a lovely 30 minute chat with the nurses about poop. I mean, sure it’s natural for mum’s to talk poop about their newborns etc, but, this. This was the good stuff. Adolescent poop. Have I made you want to skip your next meal? If not, keep reading!

Suuuupposedly, a teenage fella had a abscess on his bottom. Best place for one, really. So, he needed weekly dressings. According to the nurse, he wasn’t the best at wiping away the debris… She didn’t think he attempted to do that whatsoever… So, the smell. Ohhhh, I can just imagine the smell!

I also heard of a young lady who, for one reason or another, did not poop for 3 weeks. She was eating normally, but would just not go. Ughhh. Can you imagine that?! Supposedly, because she was so backed up, her breath began to smell of poop… Do you still want dinner? How about a poop mint instead?

My other one, a personal one. Not as in I did it. That’s just not how I roll. Or skid ha ha. But, last year I remember we had some child ~ or their parent, we never did find out! ~ who needed a poop. So they went to the loo. Great start. Their bed was a good walk from the loo, a 30 second walk if that… But, they obviously didn’t make it there in time. So there was some lovely, skidmarks, shall we say, halfway between the bay of beds and the loo… And when I say skidmarks, that’s putting it nicely. It was more, diarrhea. To make things worse, the person managed to leave half of it ON the toilet seat. AND not clean up after themselves, or alert a staff member to this.

Sometimes, sometimes I love my job. And poop. Obviously, we all love poop!


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