I’ve been thinking about school lately. Highschool, to be exact.

I was speaking to a friend the other day about what subjects I took in highschool. Initially, it was more or less the basics with Latin and French added into it… When I got to GCSE age (year 11) I moved schools. Thankfully at the new school, PE, my most hated subject, wasn’t compulsory anymore. I still played netball, and eventually football too… But being forced into playing sport or exercising. No thank you! So I ended up doing a weird mixture of subjects in year 11. The compulsory English, Science and Maths, but I added History, Latin and Music. History, that was fun! I loved learning about the World Wars. Music,

Anyway, year 11 came and went, leading me into year 12. That’s the equivalent of A Levels. So I picked more Sciencey subjects – Bio, Chem, Physics, rather than the bum History / Music, despite reeeeally enjoying History. Music, however, I did not enjoy, despite loving it at a younger age… Anyway, I kept with English and Maths, again the only compulsory subjects, and kept Latin again.

And again, in year 13, the equivalent to the second year of A Levels, when most kids did only 5 subjects, I kept at all 6. None of which were now compulsory, but I stuck with English and Calculus, Latin, Bio, Chem and Physics.

English though, along with Maths, I must admit, to this day are still my favourite subjects. I don’t know what that says about me. A future nurse who finds more joy in Maths and English than she does the Sciences? What is this?! Maybe it was my teachers. I don’t actually remember any of their names during highschool. I remember their faces. My Maths teachers throughout year 11-13 were great. To this day I do love a little maths equation. How nerdy. The other day we did a mock exam for maths at university, and it’s really quite sad to say, I really enjoyed it. It was so satisfying getting back into numbers… I know it’s not really maths, but I might just have to get back into Sudoku. Numbers and I definitely get on… But, it’s interesting that, although I really enjoy numbers and maths, I would never in my wildest dreams want to do accountancy or finance or anything like that…. It’s a bit weird…

My year 11 English teacher was also my year 13 English teacher and she was great. Again, I don’t remember her name, or really anything that happened in those lessons. But the books, poems and films we studied those years were great! If I remember right, they included: Donna Tartt’s The Secret History, Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird, Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, the film Out Of The Blue and a bunch of Maya Angelou poems. There was a few other books and films we studied but they escape me for some reason! But I found, especially during years 11-13 (although I barely remember year 12 English for some reason!), I really enjoyed writing. I think that’s partly the reason why I started this blog. I like writing. I don’t like writing essays (unless it’s something I’m super passionate about, or something I’ve really gotten into. Like my Law & Ethics essay last year, that I really enjoyed. I’m sure when I eventually stop procrastinating too, I’ll really enjoy writing this Child Development one too!).
But I also remember around then I wrote letters to the girls too. They weren’t great letters. Just a page or so that I’d give to a friend after we finished class or something. There was one memorable one that I gave my friend Anna just before she went off to Tibet for a holiday, maybe? Anyway, I wrote that for weeks. It ended up being a good 20 pages, back and front, with the odd picture – I cannot draw! But that was fun.

But, except for those few years in highschool, English totally doesn’t stand out to me. Like, I wouldn’t want to do it at uni, it just seems boring. And it’s really annoying now, but I also can’t seem to get back into the groove of reading anymore. I thought I had it the year before last (2013), when I managed to finish TWO books in one year. But 2014, I failed again. It’s not even like my books are boring. They seem SUPER interesting. But I can’t seem to read anything fully. And I miss reading. I miss just lounging around and being so engrossed in a book! I miss that!

Ugghh. Anyway, here’s hoping that this fling with blogging gets me back into writing, which ~hopefully~ gets me back into reading. Hopefully I’ll finish a few books this year, something other than The Princess Bride, again.

SJ x


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